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Newport Beach

Listings For Sale!


NOTE:  I take seller representation very seriously, and do not work as a "'dual agent" as most of the brokers in the dental field do.  Most frequently, I represent only the seller and I respect seller's need and desire for privacy.  I understand  recognize the harm that can occur when the whole community knows a seller practice is for sale, especially with speciality practices and my office does its best to maintain your privacy.  You won't find us emailing your tax returns to everyone in town as many brokers do. That said, we do not post most of our listings and do require a non-disclosure from all buyers.  I know this can be frustrating to buyers, but you'd appreciate it if you were in the seller's shoes!     Dr. Bette Robin, DDS JD


TEMECULA General Practice

Asking $300,000

Seller retiring after more than 30 years.

Up-to-date practice, digital

5 ops, 4 equipped

Rent is reasonable. 

Great practice to get started in a growing area!



Orange County ENDO

Asking $525,000


Seller retiring after many years.

Very well-located and very profitable.


NDA required! 

Oral Surgery LA County
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Ready to take the next step? Make sure you have a non-disclosure form on file with us!

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