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Where do I start?
First, sign up to be on our buyers email list in the pop-up window so you know when we have new listings that you might want to check out.

Next, we'd recommend you take some time and listen to Dr. Robin's Dentistry Rising podcast Straight Talk episodes on what kind of practice you may want to look for, also be sure to check out in the information in the boxes below. You can find Dentistry Rising on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and many other podcast players.  


Specific episodes you may want to listen to include: 

Episode #1: Gordon Christensen:  The future of dentistry is bright!

Episode #2: Matt Christie:  What lenders look for in a buyers.

Episode #5: Successful dentists aren’t gifted, they know what to look for in a practice to buy

Episode #12: STOP!  Do you really want to buy that practice?

Episode #33: What you should be looking for in a practice you want to consider purchasing.

Here is a list of the kinds of practices
you  want to look for:

1. Buy a practice that is profitable, that is - it MAKES MONEY!   THIS IS MY #1!

2. Buy a practice that is run like a business.

3. Buy a practice with a lot of goodwill.

4. Buy a practice where most employees have been there awhile and probably what to stay.

5. Buy a practice from a seller you like, if you don't like the seller for whatever reason - move on!  Trust your gut.

6. Make sure you have a similar philosophy of dentistry as the seller.

8. Buy a practice where hygienists and any associates are appropriately profitable.

Here's a list of practices you probably want to avoid. I call them "Red Flag Practices"

1. A small practice.

I’m talking about collection numbers, not physical space. 

2. A practice that is less than 10 years old.

The first question I’d ask is: Why is the seller selling?

3. A practice where the seller has other offices close by.

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Dr. Robin only represents sellers. However, we can give you some good referrals if you would like.  

What if I find a practice I like, through Select Practice Services or another broker, 
can Dr. Robin represent me?

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