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Where do I start?
First, we'd recommend you fill out the Approximate Practice Value Worksheet
Click here for the Approximate Practice Value Worksheet for FREE and email it to Dr. Robin at
Take some time and listen to Dr. Robin's Dentistry Rising podcast Straight Talk episodes on topics that might be applicable to your practice

You can find Dentistry Rising on Apple podcasts, Spotify and many other podcast players.  


Specific episodes you may want to listen to include: 

Episode #7: CEO of Henry Schein, Inc., Stanley Bergman:  Treat your practice like a business.

Episode #8: Paying a Dental Associate

Episode #9: John Broomer: How check lists can help you organize your practice

Episode #18: The most important document, The Tax Return

Episode #28: Independent contractor or employee?

Know How Much Your Practice is Worth

The amount you take home from your practice every year (net profitability) is the single largest determinant of your practice's value. Of course, there are many other variables as well, such as: location, years in practice, employees' willingness to stay, insurance composition, appearance, etc. 

Most appropriately priced practices in good locations will sell within a couple of months, and many sell much sooner. 

How Long Will it Take for my Practice to Sell?

DON'T Choose the Inexperienced Broker. Make sure the person you choose is extremely education and knowledgeable since this transaction may have the biggest financial consequences of your life. DON'T choose the Charismatic Delegator, you don't want to sign with a broker who is charismatic but then delegates everything to underling agents because after you sign you wont hear from them and are stuck with agents you cannot stand. DON'T choose your Dental Supply Rep, they have the look and talk but they don't do any of the work. 

What to Consider When Looking for a Broker
Click here for the TOP 10 things to consider when you are selling your practice!
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