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For Sellers

  • How fast can my practice be sold?
    Most appropriately priced and well located practices receive one or more offers within the first 30 days, which generally close about 60 days later. However, we cannot make any guarantees but we make money when you close so we work hard for you! You do have to be complete with your financial and computer report package before we can begin marketing your practice otherwise we don’t have the necessary data to do so.
  • Where do you find buyers?
    We advertise exclusively where the buyers are – online! We have an extensive email and text list and market, and Dr. Robin has been in the practice sale business for over 25 years and speaks extensively and has met many buyers this way as well.
  • How will buyers contact me?
    Most sellers would like buyers to text them, but you can request whatever contact method works best for you.
  • What information will I have on buyers?
    We will provide you with buyers’ curriculum vitae for your review. We also check the Dental Board of California to be sure they are licensed and check for any recorded complaints.
  • How do I know what to say to buyers?
    Buyers are primarily concerned that they are compatible with you and that your practice is healthy and making money. They don’t want to make a wrong decision for them! Just be yourself and have a conversation.
  • What do I give to buyers?
    Nothing! To protect you and your information to the extent possible, we will give buyers and their representatives the documents they need at the stage they are in. You should not be giving them anything at all.
  • What should I show buyers?
    Your office, of course. However, we recommend that you not allow buyers access to your computer system or charts on a first visit, and not until they have submitted have a signed letter of intent which you have accepted
  • How long should a first visit with a buyer be?
    Most likely no more than half an hour, unless the conversation is flowing very well and you want to stay longer. A first visit is not a “due diligence” review of your practice, it is merely for you and the buyer to meet and get to know each other a bit and see if you are on the same page about dentistry.
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