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The First Office Visit
Below you will find tips on how to handle the first office visit as a seller, with a potential buyer. 

We will email or text you (let us know which you prefer) the name and phone number of buyers who express interest in your practice.   


We will send you their resume and verify that they have a California license with the Dental Board of California and let you know if there are any reported issues with that license before a buyer’s first visit.

When You Want To Visit An Office
When Should I Set A Time For A Buyer To Visit?

It’s up to you and the buyer, however often; weekend mornings can be best for everyone.


That way, no one has to be stuck waiting for someone or worry if the employees have left for the day.

About a half an hour is the appropriate time for a first visit.


Remember, this is not due diligence or chart review time, just a time to get acquainted and see if both parties think a transition could work.

How Long Should The First Visit Be?
Should I Let A Buyer See My Charts On The First Visit?


This isn’t the time for a chart review. However, you might pick one or two charts, if you use paper charts, so a buyer can see the forms you use. If you are paperless, I would not go into the computer on a first visit at all. Keep the computer off.

Should I Give Buyers My Financials?

For your protection, we strongly recommend that you do not directly give buyers your financials, especially on a first visit.  Wait until they have made a bonafide offer.

Have A Conversation

Remember to get to know the buyer as well as let them get to know you. Ask them about their school experience, how work has been since school, what kind of procedures they’ve been doing, etc.  

Below you will find tips on how to handle the first office visit as a seller, with a potential buyer. 

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