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Check out my podcast called "Dentistry Rising" where I go over topics to help you succeed!

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Dr. Bette Robin

Here you can find out about what I've been up to! The most recent events and places I have attended -  and also what books I've been reading.

Bette's Resume

Legal Education:

            Southwestern University School of Law                    Juris Doctorate 1995

            Pepperdine University School of Law                      Dispute Resolution Certificate 2006

            Loyola Law School                                              LLM Taxation, not completed

            Real Estate Brokers License                                   1996

            Judge Pro Tem, Los Angeles Superior Court              1997  - present, as requested

Legal Awards:

            Clerkship, San Bernardino Superior Court                1995

            Clerkship, Los Angeles Superior Court                     1995

Dental Education:

  Loma Linda University Dental School                        Doctor of Dental Surgery 1983

Dental School Offices:

            Vice-President, Senior Class                                       1982 - 1983

            Social Vice-President, Junior Class                            1981 - 1982

November Update


I am so sad to tell you that I lost both of my big dogs this year, Chloe and Daisy.  Chloe was almost 16, and still very smart and sweet and Daisy was almost 14 and followed me everywhere and was so sad when she couldn’t. 


Enter Pete-y.  I was over in my old stomping grounds, Covina, CA and innocently wandered into the local shelter (where Chloe and Daisy both came from). I saw little Pete-y in his cage - cold, shivering and looking oh so sweet.  I had to take him home. He is probably a cross between a Rat Terrier and Chihuahua, and the vet said he might have some Dauchsand in him because he is long and he stands with his front feet slightly turned out.  He is just delightful and we are taking several classes together, and he is very good at agility and doing tricks.  Hopefully we are going to learn to dance together soon, he is working on his side step!


I just love to hang out with my friends, many of who are dentists, but all are fun!  We eat, talk, socialize, and talk some more.  Here is me at Nobu in Newport Beach with a bunch of friends and at Newport Bayside as a “witch” for Halloween.  


My grandbaby, Tommy – along with his mom and dad – came to visit me for Thanksgiving and we had a fabulous time.  He is 16 mos old now and really big. We went to Irvine Park and rode the train and visited all the fabulous animals in their zoo.  We explored every inch of my backyard because he absolutely loves to be outside. In fact, that is one of his only words so far “Out!” What a delight!

Nov. Book Recommendations

I Like to Read!

Some of you have asked me about the books that have influenced my success the most.  I don’t know if I can pick, because I read about two books a week - but I thought I’d let you know monthly what I read that I really liked and you can look them up and see if my favs might work for you. 


My preference is business books, motivational books, management books, biographies, and self-help books. However, I do belong to three book clubs that force me to read popular fiction – but you’ll rarely see those books on my favorites list!

“Built to Sell” by John Warrilow


This book is not specifically about selling a dental practice, but has many applications to such sales.  It is never too early to think strategically because it makes your practice operationally well run, profitable, as well as “ready” to sell at any point.  It is a fun and easy book to read and is entertaining as well.  All of you, pick it up!

Click Here to Purchase on Amazon

“Happy Pocket Full Of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi


Get out of your own way and learn to get what you want in life!  This book is a lot like “The Secret” but I think these ideas cannot be emphasized enough.  The book explains the energy of money, and how to manifest money through focus on your wants and goals. 

I think it is a book you read a small segment at a time, and read every couple of years.  

Click Here to Purchase on Amazon

“Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferris

Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris. This is an inspiration morning book for me. I get to read many different, very successful people’s take on numerous questions. I find this very useful because I feel like it opens up my thinking to different ways of thinking.  I love the book and keep coming back to it!

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