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Select Practice Services, Inc.


FEES:   Select Practice Services, Inc. is offering a 8.5% commission rate, plus $895.00 upfront, to sell previously unlisted California practices between January 1, 2024 and June 30, 2024. There is a $35,000 minimum commission and a minimum one year protection clause.  Have a high dollar practice you want to sell?  Dr. Robin is good at those - let Dr. Robin know and we will try to work out a mutually agreeable commission rate. 





Expert Sales Price Recommendation: 

Dr. Robin will personally analyze your financials and give you an opinion of value. 


Marketing to our extensive buyer list: 

This is one of our biggest advantages! We’ve been in the business over 25 years and have an extensive and detailed buyer list that we put to work for you! Additionally, Dr. Robin speaks state-wide and has numerous contacts and relationships with people in the industry to help get an appropriate buyer for your practice.


Detailed Document Analysis and Review: 

We want to be sure we have all necessary financial and computer documents to complete your sale, so we can get it done for you. We will help you upload the necessary documents, then review them for completeness and consistency.



Does not include:


Legal Services: Although Dr. Robin is a California Licensed Attorney, she will be acting solely as your broker while selling your practice.  

We will recommend several competent attorneys for you to choose from to represent you in the transaction, and Dr. Robin will certainly answer your questions as needed


Interested? Start by filling out an

Approximate Practice Value Worksheet

or email me directly at

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